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Our cashback program allows you to earn cash-back to e-wallet with each purchase. The cashback you earn will be automatically applied to your next purchase or you can accumulate it towards future purchases. 

How does Cashback at work? 1

How to earn cashback amount?

  • Your account credential automatically created after make your 1st order, you can receive a mail to your entered mail id with your login credentials or you can create an account from
  • After that login your account and you can see your dashboard, from here you can see your cashback wallet balance and can edit your shipping , billing address . You can change your password also from here.
  • 5% of purchase product price you can get as a cashback. (e.g. product price is $60, then you will earn $3 cashback in your cashback wallet). But the cashback amount will be added to your wallet after your order status completed.
  • You can see your wallet balance in top right section and in my wallet menu in my account.
  • Cash-back earned from every purchase is applicable to future orders. 
  • Please NOTE that the MAXIMUM you can use on your wallet is only 30% of your total balance on each single order.

How to redeem your cashback amount?

  • Login to your account:
  • At the Checkout page, you will see a section to use your wallet balance and your order subtotal will be deducted by that amount the rest amount you have to pay through any gateway . If your cashback wallet amount more than your order amount then you can use the Swisschems Cashback wallet as a payment gateway so no need to pay anymore .


Contact us via email [email protected] or live chat if you need any assistance.

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