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Mesh can accept payments using Credit / Debit cards for both Visa and Mastercard users.

How to pay with Credit/Debit via MESH 1

Frequently Asked Questions

The MESH Mission: Create the most secure digital payment system in the world by leveraging modern security technologies and connecting our customers to every transaction. We believe that including your participation and approval in every transaction is the best defense against the threat of identity theft and fraudulent transactions.



1 Why do Swisschems need to go to a 3RD Party for card payments? Since we are a Research Chemical provider, we have fairly strict compliance requirements when it comes to payments, and 3rd Party payment processors helps stores like us accept payment with debit or credit cards securely. It is also being used by other big companies and websites too.
2 Why do I need to provide my SSN? MESH is using EMV 3D security system that is being used by Visa to authorize payments for merchants. It's the same new 3D Secure (3DS) credit card standard to protect you from fraud. Your SSN is secure and only the last 4 is needed for verification.
3 I do not like the card fee transactions. We can suggest a different option if you are not comfortable with the 15% extra bank fees. BUT if you want the convenience of using your card this is one of the best option even among stores.
4 Why is not mesh loading (or website froze) We suggest using a computer or a laptop in making the order or checking if your browser or phone has a popup blocker and just disable your popup blocker.
5 Why is mesh not verifying my information We suggest contacting mesh so you can resolve the issue with the verification process. You can check out their contact details on their website
6 Why did my order not finish when I bought the load pack It may be that you may have not been able to send the load pack to swisschems at the end of the process, and the load pack is still sitting on your Mesh account. We suggest redoing the order and when you see that your load pack is still there finally submit and transfer on that order.

About Mesh - The Difference - THE MESH PHILOSOPHY

Our payment system never requires a customer to share personal information with another person or business, use a card or card number, an NFC chip, or store a card in a mobile device. We know our customers, both businesses and individuals, and we protect them with cutting edge security technology by connecting them both to every transaction. Why trust and hope a third-party payment platform will protect you when you can do it better yourself? They don't give you the option–but MESH does. * as found in the Mesh website


  1. Identity Theft Protection - Online transactions are the number one threat to your identity. The MESH platform removes the need for online merchants and their employees to access your identity and payment information.
  2. Trusted Merchants - We have created a network of merchants that are consistently filtered using customer feedback.
  3. Two-Factor Authentication - As an additional layer of security, Two-Factor Authentication helps to prevent unauthorized access to your account.
  4. Payment Security - 3D Secure, also known as payer authentication, forces your bank to authenticate the card holder’s identify before any transaction can be processed.

Click here to learn more about 3D Secure a Visa Backed Technology. 

What is EMV 3-D Secure? Learn more about how EMV 3-D Secure makes eCommerce transactions more secure in real time.

Watch the video

Vendor list and documentation Please refer to the Technology Partners site for the approved list of 3-D Secure vendors and documentation to become compliant.

Visa Secure assets and guidelines Immediately access the Visa Secure badge assets, brand guidelines, and customer-facing FAQ.

IF YOU STILL NEED SOME ASSISTANCE: Please contact [email protected] or contact us via phone or live chat agent.

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